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Darryn Durham – MIA

Where has Double D been all SX season?  We loaded up in the van and went off the grid to find him...

Fasthouse: Spring Fling

The boys hit the road last weekend to blow up some Zaca Station chocolate cake at the Fasthouse...

Loosefest 2016

Take a wild ride from last years’ Fest Series stop with all the Loosefest Riders.

We Race Sometimes

Join the Death Crue for a face melting camp-out with the VZ Freewheelers and riding at Jeremy McGrath’s Showtime Ranch before heading cross country for some fair races, field parties and East Coast shredding.

Poaching Portland

Double D takes the Jeske Mx Customs “Hell Raiser” to Portland, Oregon for some downtown poaching. Burnouts and beers quickly lead to a trip across the Broadway bridge and into a rental car getaway out of town.

The Smoking Section

Please seat yourself in The Smoking Section and relax as Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman burn some premix for your Viewing pleasure. Watch this action packed all 125 Two Stroke video as they take it from the track to the hills + 6 Minutes of Raw footage from an Undisclosed Location in Pennsylvania.

Global Destruction Tour

Somewhere around 5AM, the mission began with a rally at The Viewing clubhouse; van primed and the crue bleary-eyed from a sleepless night working gearbags down to a sub-50 pound weight limit. Captained by Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman, the Death Crue is taking the roadshow global!


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