The Viewing’s Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman teamed up with custom van builder Pacific Coast Customs to create a film-supported tour alongside supporting sponsors Fasthouse, Vonzipper, Absent Bags, Extreme Rentals and DC Shoes. We had a dream: A grand vision of a rock-and-roll Supercross tour worthy of a Crusty Demons segment; a way to show that good results and good times are not mutually exclusive.

We’ve set out to smash all the paradigms while putting style and a touch of punk back in the limelight, filming it all and keeping people fully stoked along the way with a weekly dose of raw behind the scenes footage as we contest the 2016 East Coast Supercross Championships.

It started the way most ideas do, casual conversation at first that quickly gained momentum once it was titled, “The East Coast is Toast”. And now, After a hell of a showing at Atlanta Supercross, we are dropping our first of many Mashup edits while we focus on doing some damage in Daytona.

Music by: Strung Out – Monster