For Tyler Bereman, his trip to X Games this year was a solid team effort.  From everyone at Fasthouse designing TB’s custom gear and Robbie Brown building the baddest bike in the pits, TB had a tight knit team of people in his corner, and it showed. After earning a bronze in Best Whip, Bereman went into Big Air Quarter Pipe looking for gold. Following a huge air, TB was sitting pretty in the top spot until Colby Raha uncorked one of the highest airs out of the quarter pipe to date, bumping Tyler down to silver. For all involved, X Games was a resounding success—TB came home with some hardware, the Fasthouse gear looked the coolest, and most of all, the boys had a good time. Tag along with TB for the entire event, after parties, and good times.

Video by : Aran Eversman / Fasthouse


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